92% of Self-Storage Owners and Operators Believe New Technologies will Make Their Businesses More Competitive, SpareBox Technologies™ Survey Finds

FEBRUARY 13, 2024 DENVER, Colorado – More than 90% of self-storage owners, operators and managers agree that new technologies in their industry will make their jobs easier and their businesses more competitive, according to a recent survey of the industry from SpareBox Technologies, a new company bringing tech solutions to self-storage. However, approximately one-third of respondents have yet to implement any form of remote management, with 40% of those citing installation costs as their primary hesitation for embracing these new technologies.

“It’s clear there is an appetite for innovative technology in the self-storage industry, but there is still a barrier between what owners and operators want and what they think they can afford,” said Jackson Stevens, CEO of SpareBox Technologies. “SpareBox Technologies’ mission is to show people what’s possible: SeRUM™, our remote management service, is as affordable as it is useful, all while keeping day-to-day operations in owners’ hands.”

The survey found that owners and operators are open to new technologies, including remote management solutions, with 66% of self-storage owners, operators and managers currently utilizing some form of remote management and 32% interested in adopting it. The survey also found that among self-storage owners, operators and managers, increasing revenue was their primary priority (49%) in 2024. Improving occupancy rate (47%), reducing operating costs (47%) and investing in new technology (46%) also ranked highly among respondents.

SpareBox Technologies’ survey provides insights into self-storage facility owners and operators’ 2024 priorities regarding their operations and technology. The study, conducted by Pinkston Research in December 2023, gathered insights from 150 self-storage owners, operators and managers ranging from independent owner-operators to Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs) with large portfolios across urban, suburban and some rural areas.

Read the full survey results here. For more information about SpareBox Technologies, and their suite of tech-forward solutions, initially developed and utilized internally at SpareBox Storage®, visit www.spareboxtech.com.

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SpareBox Technologies puts comprehensive remote management in the hands of storage facility operators. Unlike anything else on the market, our technologies are affordable to implement, integrate seamlessly with your existing property management system, and have driven proven ROI at more than 100 storage locations across the country. Led by a mix of technologists and storage industry veterans, SpareBox Technologies is the leader in remote management. Learn more at spareboxtech.com.


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